'mis-fit: (noun) Unique/ Different/ Bizarre/ Freak. Opposite to normal. Markedly unusual in appearance, style, or general
character and often involving incongruous or unexpected elements. Mzfitt training creates minds and bodies that stand out and demonstrate uniqueness to the world.

about mzfitt

mzfitt Ltd is run by Rachel Plank, a fully qualified personal trainer from Reading in Berkshire.


Rachel is a compassionate, yet uncompromising trainer who is always focussed on inspiring and encouraging all those that she has the pleasure of working with and helping them to fulfill their true fitness potential.


As a trainer, Rachel adopts a 'no nonsense' approach that reflects her own personal passion and drive.


"I strongly believe that there are endless opportunities in life - the only barriers are the ones we create through fear of failure."


Clients can expect unconventional training methods and cutting edge techniques that do not rely on hi-tech machines or 'quick fixes'.


"No excuses and no machines! I build better bodies designed for life, not for improved performance on a machine. That is just not functional.


My techniques incorporate every muscle of the body and demand that your body works as a functional unit, just as it does when carrying the shopping or playing a game of football.


Training this way challenges the body both physically & mentally. Further more, it results in high calorie expenditure. You’ll have a job finding a more effective way to burn fat and get lean.


As for excuses, I have little patience"


{ Rachel Plank, Fitness Director }

Mzfitt Fitness Director Rachel

Rachel Plank, Fitness Director